the Inside jokes

"And I thought Marmol was a bucket!" -- Andrea Ure

"And my cousin... Mufassa, was mauled by wildebeests." -- Ryan from The Office
"Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Ooh, I dont think this scent is for me." -- Andy from Family Guy
"And then she's gonna panic..." --Tina Ure
"Is the car still being robbed?" -- Jenna Ure
"Of course not, you old steak bone!" --Jenna Ure
"Damn senior citizens." -- Carl"
"Your cheap odwala bars that are probably stale came." -- Jenna Ure
"Do you know you can get an internship at the White House?" -- Jenna Ure
"Good luck at the game, Carl." "Screw you." Later... "Good luck, Carl." "SCREW YOU!" -- Carl
"Let's just slap a tattoo on your liver!" -- Anonymous
"Wow, he must be in a real hurry, he's driving on the sidewalks. You know, yesterday my mom said I might only have half a brain." -- Anonymous
"Good god, it's a fricken hurricane out there man!" -- Andrea Ure
"Yes ma'am?" -- Andrea Ure
"Emma, please thump him accordingly." -- Andrea Ure
"Mary mother of Joseph!" -- Andrea Ure
"Owoh this is GOOD!" -- Jenna Ure
"I can't get over the Great Wall of China!" -- Andrea Ure
"No, this is a tazer." -- Random Police officer
"Kho! Enemy." -- Jenna Ure
"Man purse." -- Carl
"I did 47." -- Carl
"Oh my god, it's a car bomb! No wait... That's just a normal car." -- FLuffee Talks
"It's a marijuana bomb!" -- Keith Ure
"And frankly, I'm a little offended!" -- Jenna Ure
"Now listen here sonny boy." -- Jenna Ure
"I'll just make this little line here and I'LL know!" -- Jenna Ure
"Shot by the son!" --Jenna Ure
"He's having a baby!" -- Tina Ure
"Bull poop." -- Andrea Ure
"Awww man, did he get shot again?" -- Andrea Ure
"No, I don't know what he means." -- Andrea Ure
"Let's buy a horse to kill." -- Jenna Ure
"Blob fish sire" -- Andrea Ure
"Hey, did Shawn Black win?" Jenna Ure
"She can't eat pizza!" Robert
"I'm going to take a closer look at this tree."  Keith Ure
"Your pulling the race car!" Andrea Ure
"At least you didn't just sit on a stool and play the guitar." Simon Cowell
"Prod." Andrea Ure
"Not since the incident." Dave Shmidt
"Of course I respect dibs. I'm not a barbarian." Dwight Shrute from The Office
"That's what she said." Michael Scott
"HOLY SHIT, I'm a cracker!" Turk
"A french cafe!" Jenna Ure
"This was supposed to be your lemonade." Andrea Ure
"Guess what." Jenna Ure
"What, your, uh, waffle?" "Yeah!" Andrea and Jenna Ure
"Hello Mr. Gallbladder, now don't you get to comfy next  to Mr. Liver cause here come Doctor Turk's robot laser. ZEEEW ZEEW." Turk
"And I recently overheard Dr. Murphy telling his patient 'stop bleeding, stop bleeding, oh god please stop bleeding'. Dr. Kelso