Can you speak random? Pink jesters administer cows dumping pretty ants buldozer dogs, but first you must pet the hobo's hair. Crossing the ring of fire is what you want to achieve. Red dinosaurs find bloody biscuits that try to imitate falling off a tree. I'm guessing no. Here you can learn how in only 1 simple step that should help you master the art of being random! Also, please keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed. 

Step one:
 1) Ask yourself the question, are you random?
  2) Answer yes, but know it's not true. 
  3) Sit down and watch a video. Any video. Random. There's even that one below this. 
  4) Watch but secretly let your mind wander.
  5) Now, I'm not a miracle worker, so you have to already be sorta random. Think of a word.
  6) Think of a letter, then pick a word that starts with that letter and add it to the sentence.
  7) Type it down. Here I will demonstrate.

My word is Pepsi. My letter is T. Pepsi ties ugly donuts rolling sand across money eating ants. 
  8) The only rule is do not let it make sense. That one sorta did. But use descriptions that wouldn't normally go with that word, such as ugly donuts. Please fill out the form to the side to answer what your sentence(s) were. 

    Sheep find cows disgusting.